About Us

Kenny and I got into the racing pigeon hobby back in 2000. When I was in the 7th grade, my best friend had homing pigeons. (I grew up around dairy cattle and rolling pigeons, so pigeons were not totally foreign to me.)  My best friend, Kendal, explained the birds as like owning a franchise in Madden Football (a video game I grew up loving). He explained the birds through the lens of Madden and how you get to be the General Manager, Coach, Trainer, and Nutritionist. That sold me on the birds. It took just one season of young birds before Kenny decided to join the fun. We flew as separate lofts for the first few years but then we decided to just have one loft so that we could try and be the best in the club. I have some great memories with my Dad through those years. I flew pigeons until my senior year, 2005. And I was away from the birds until 2017. My dad then took control of all the birds and he had some very successful years club racing.

Back in 2010, Kenny wanted to start a futurity race to help the local pigeon club that was barely hanging on. He ran it a couple years to help support the club but then the club slowly dissolved and since 2013 Kenny has just had the futurity race to keep engaged with the birds. The good news is we are fired back up the club and we have around a half dozen flyers.

Kenny has always been around animals. It is in his DNA to try and do the best with whatever animal adventure he gets into. He started his own dairy back in 1979. His passion with the cows was in breeding and trying to make the best type of cow possible. He loved competing in Holstein shows. He had a lot of success and bred many excellent cattle until dairying went bad and my parents were forced to sell in 1996. During the dairy days, Kenny had also gotten his foot into the door with rolling pigeons. He had a great family and had great success for the years he participated in the sport. Since we got into homing pigeons in 2000, Kenny has gotten his hands on a lot of great homing pigeon lines. When Kenny isn’t busy with the pigeons, you can find him building a fence on the farm for the goats he has recently gotten involved in and he breeds cows for Select Sires a few days a week. My parents have been Married for 39 years now.

I recently moved back to Idaho, August 2017. I had spent the past ten years in Maui and Oregon before coming back to my roots. I am currently entering my third year as a middle school teacher and I absolutely love my job. I currently teach Science and Math. One of the perks of being a teacher are the summers off. This summer I worked for a finish carpenter so I could learn some new skills. My wife and I have been married for six years now. I have loved being back and being around the pigeons. I spend every evening and weekend out at the lofts taking care of the birds, remodeling lofts, and just watching and observing what is going on. That is what I love. I can spend hours just watching the birds.

Kenny and I are determined to continue to make this a better race. Our hope is to have a race series that tests your birds. We try not to race the birds when they will be blown home. That looks great for our stats, but that doesn’t show you the fancier, what type of bird you have. We try our best to keep you updated on what is going on. That is a weakness of ours but we are working on it.